Do you ever have those days

  • when you find large amounts of hair in the sink or shower, or stuck to your hairbrush?
  • when the words ‘receding hairline’ have been used to describe your hair at the salon, barber, or by friends, family, or co-workers?
  • when you can’t stop staring at thinning or bald spots, when you get ready each day?
  • when you realize that your thinning hair has drastically affected your self-confidence?
  • when you feel like you look older than you are, because of your thinning hair?
  • when you are fed up with spending hundreds of dollars on products that don’t work?

You are not alone!

Over 100 MILLION people worldwide, suffer from hair loss, including thinning hair. There are many costly shampoos, lotions and supplements that promise a fast remedy, but none of them actually allow you to grow new hair. Leon Miguel allows you to virtually eliminate the look of thinning hair and bald spots, without the expense of surgical implants, painful procedures, and significant risk.