The game changer for your hair: Visibly fuller looking hair in seconds

Whether your concern is thinning or balding hair, greasy roots or a grey hairline - Leon Miguel offers reliable and easy to use hair products. For that visibly fuller looking hair in mere seconds!

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Renewed self-confidence
in no time at all

Our promise to you is so simple, yet so strong:
Your Hair. Just Better.
We are here to help you change your hair and thereby your entire appearance. For the better. With just a few simple steps. Our products guarantee fuller and visibly more beautiful hair in seconds. Goodbye thinning and bald spots, receding hairline, grey and greasy roots
LEON MIGUEL is the upgrade for your hair.


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Unisex products for all hair lengths - and types.

Whether you are female or male, have short or long hair - our products are ideally tailored to you and your needs. This promise applies regardless of your age and the color of your hair. Leon Miguel: for that natural and visibly fuller look in senconds.


Outstanding quality, incredible performance, compact format

Our unwavering focus is on high-quality ingredients and the constant development of our entire product line.

Leon MIguel products are designed for a modern nomadic lifestyle. All of our products are suitable for hand luggage and compact enough for any wash-, gym- or handbag.

Plug & Play principle:
Beautiful hair in seconds - in just a few simple steps.
All of our products are designed so that anyone can use them anytime, anywhere - without complicated instructions.

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