Power to the People!

We as LM believe in you. We believe that you have the power to take your life into your own hands and make it successful - especially when it comes to your hair! Our own history is the foundation of this belief. Because when we say that we believe in you, that's not a marketing slogan, it's the most important part of our DNA: Power to the People!

As an actor, our founder Marc Barthel suffered from hereditary hair loss in his early twenties. His self-confidence as well as his career were increasingly affected. Finally, to escape this vicious circle, Marc underwent a hair transplant. However, the acute hair loss continued. So Marc started looking for permanent solutions, but couldn't find anything. It was from this situation that Marc founded LM. Since the day we were founded, what has always applied to us as a company has always applied to Marc as a person: we believe in solutions, we believe in you!

What makes our products unique?

We know that permanent solutions do not tolerate inferior approaches: we can only support you successfully if you can rely on the quality of our products without compromise. And you can! Our focus is unconditionally on high-quality ingredients and constant further development of all products. If your look isn't natural and sustainable, we haven't done our job. This philosophy has its price, but thousands of satisfied customers have confirmed our approach since 2016. Because if you want to successfully take your life into your own hands, don't choose any shortcuts!