Our Story

Our Story

How did it all start - and why?

We at the Leon Miguel family believe that self-confidence is a must-have for an active and happy life. Our story is therefore the story of our founder, Marc Barthel. Marc began to suffer from hereditary hair loss at the age of 25. As an actor, his hair loss quickly affected both his professional career and his self-confidence. These situation was so insufferable that Marc even underwent a hair transplant - but his hair loss continued. Marc finally commenced a challenging quest for alternative solutions and this search ultimately culminated in the founding of Leon Miguel. Since day one, Marc’s personal experience has dominated our company philosophy: to provide passionate support to people with hair problems in order to strengthen their self-confidence for a happy and healthy life.

What makes our products unique?

We believe that you cannot solve a problem like hair loss with inferior products: our customers' self-confidence will only flourish if they can fully rely on the quality of our products - without any compromise. Right from the start, we at Leon Miguel have focused on high-quality ingredients and constant development of our products and product range in order to achieve a natural and sustainable look. This philosophy has its price, but thousands of satisfied customers speak to the success of our approach.

Why do we love what we do?

At Leon Miguel we are passionate about our customer relationships. Based on our founding history, we have been able to experience the benefits provided by our products not merely from a company's perspective but also personally from the perspective of users such as company founder Marc Barthel. Let us support you on your path to greater self-confidence and happiness!